New Year’s Eve Ideas


New Year's Eve Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like all the pressure that comes from New Year’s Eve – there always seems to be such a built-up hype around it, that nothing can realistically ever live up to expectations, no matter what it is you choose to do. I’ve done lots of things over the years – big nights out with the girls, a family party, a chilled out night at a hotel with just me boy – and I’m certain many of you will have done the same. So, what is the best choice for NYE? What will you have the most fun doing? I would always advise people to treat the evening like any other special occasion, spending it with those they care about, doing what it is you enjoy. If that means a movie night with your beloved, then go for it. If it’s a big night out with lots of friends, then that’s okay too. Even going to bed before ringing in the new year is fine, as long as you end the year in a happy place surrounded by those that mean the most. Here I share with you just three ideas for how to spend the last night of the year, just so you have enough time to organise something before it comes around…

1. Games night with family or friends

This would always be high on my list of ideal evenings – what better way to spend an evening than laughing your way through childhood board games that you’d long forgotten about? Mix it in with some games console fun and you’ve got yourself a healthy bit of competition! Food and drink on a night like this is strictly beer, wine and snacks – super low key and easy to put together! And you just know these kinds of games are so much more fun when the evening goes on and everybody has had a bit to drink – reaction times get slower and the laughing gets louder! And if everybody brings their own choice of game then you get to try them all, if only spelling didn’t get quite so difficult after three glasses of wine and you’re trying to get through Scrabble!

2. A night away from home with your other half

I’ve done this one and I loved it. A couple of years back me and my boy wanted to make plans for NYE but we also wanted some alone time after a busy Christmas period. So, we booked ourselves into a hotel, got dressed up and went out for a casual dinner at an Indian restaurant, followed by a few drinks back at the hotel bar. The restaurant was super quiet and it was lovely not having to compete with drunken revellers to get a taxi home – we just wandered around a local fairground, walked back to the hotel and enjoyed the fireworks from our 4th floor window. And the breakfast, which was even better as we didn’t have to cook it, was the perfect way to ring in the new year. I highly recommend this option.

3. A civillised dinner party

This is a great option if you’ve not had to host any gatherings over the festive period already and fancy having some friends or family members over for a fun, but quiet evening. A sit-down meal or big buffet is perfect for this occasion as both give people a chance to chat and get to know each other, if you’ve invited people who have not spent a great deal of time together before. And because you’re not getting caught up in all the New Year’s hype, it’ll mean you can just enjoy the evening you’ve created with some special people. You can make it as formal or informal as you like with the food, the music and the conversation, but anything goes here, as people will likely be grateful just to have something a little more low-key to do than fighting through crowds, queueing for drinks and spending a ton of cash.

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