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I haven’t always been the biggest user of Pinterest, as there are just so many forms of social media to keep up with, but more recently I’ve been spending more and more time on it and have grown to love it. I have got a bunch of boards on there related to food, dream home elements, my kind of style, etc. and I’ve just started a few wedding inspiration boards, just to give you guys some ideas as to what you might like or want on your big day. Take a look below at a sample of what you can find on my boards and then you can decide whether or not you’d like to follow any of the boards!

Pinterest - Wedding Hairstyles

credit: Left | Middle | Right

Pinterest - Wedding Flowers

credit: Left | Middle | Right

Pinterest - Wedding Cakes

credit: Left | Medium | Right

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  1. beautiful selection. i really like hair style 3, i had my hair half up and half down for my wedding. i find it looks less harsh. you have very cool pinterest boards, i used to use it a lot more but i kind of haven’t been on there as much. now i pin more ideas i find on other blogs for diy that i might want to do later. :)

    love, x
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