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New Home: Progress


We recently went down to the site where our new home is being built. Yes, it is mostly just a building site for now, but we got to see some show homes of what we might hope to achieve when we get in and begin decorating. I have to admit it was pretty exciting to see the progress that is being made down there, and to think about the fact that we will be moving in come July (OMG, that’s just two months away guys!). You can see below how it’s going and what some of the site will look like, and hopefully once we move in I can bring you some photos of the finished thing! We’ve been down to the site about 4 or 5 times in all –¬†although it’s only half an hour from where we currently live it’s quite nice to go back only once a month or so, to see the progress that’s being made. Anyway, this is a pretty exciting time for us and I hope to bring you more interior design related things as we finish buying all the¬†items we’ll need and can begin the decorating stage when we get the keys!

Home Progress 1

Home Progress 2

photo credit: Lucy

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