Naked3 by Urban Decay


I don’t spend much money on make-up aside from the basics (mascara, foundation, concealer, etc.) but I thought as it was coming up to Christmas and I’ve been wanting to step up my efforts, I’d give the new Naked palette by Urban Decay a go. The brand are known for their beautiful eye shadow collections and I’ve owned a couple of their individual shadows in the past, so I can somewhat vouch for their quality, but the 12 exclusive new colours encased in the tin are just stunning. With rose gold hues, this mixture of matte, pearl and metallic shades are going to be a dream to try and will be an absolute delight for the Christmas season, when we all like to add a little bit of sparkle to our eyes. It’s just going to be somewhat of a task figuring out which ones to try first!

Naked3 Palette 1

Naked3 Palette 2

Naked3 Palette 3

Naked3 Palette 4

Naked3 Palette 5

Naked3 Palette 6

Naked3 Palette 7

Naked3 Palette 8

Naked3 Palette 9

Naked3 Palette 10

*This is not a sponsored post, I just like to let you guys know the new things I’m trying out.

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