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Nail Polish Pallettes


I love choosing the latest nail colour I am going to use, going into my rather large polish collection and picking out something┬áthat fits my mood or an outfit I might be planning to wear. It might even match a holiday or season. But what I find even more enjoyable is picking out multiple colours, maybe if I’m doing a pattern mani or I just fancy wearing different colours on different nails. So, I thought today that I might bring you some nail polish colour pallettes – colours that I think work together in nail polish format. I’ve collected together three different pallettes, each containing five shades. This way you can either use all five and go with a five different coloured nails look or you can pick just a couple to work with, whatever you feel is right for you.

Nails - Brights

Left to Right: Porchester Place, Seven Dials, Carnaby Street, Baker Street, Brompton Place (all from Nails inc.)

Nails - Darks

Left to Right: Black, Mushroom, Navy, Raspberry, Red-Black (all from Barry M)

Nails - Pastels

Left to Right: Lemon Meringue, Lilac Dream, Fuzzy Peach, Pastel Pink, Jade Stone (all from Model’s Own)

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