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My U.S. Beauty Buys


Lucy’s been back from Florida for a few days now, here’s what she picked up while there:

U.S Beauty Buys

“Before we headed out to Florida a few weeks ago I had a bit of an idea of the things I wanted to buy whilst I was there. I knew most beauty products were going to be cheaper than in the UK and so I wanted to take advantage of that and treat myself a bit. Plus, we don’t have Sephora here, so that was even more of a reason to stock up when I had the chance. Here’s some of the things I picked up.”

U.S Beauty Buys 2

Sephora Everyday Eye Brush Set

I couldn’t resist this amazing eye brush set when I saw it in store. I haven’t had a really good set for my eyes in a long time and I was fed up of fishing out random ones from the bottom of my make-up bag. As well as the brushes themselves, I love the case that they come in and also that they come with cleansing wipes to freshen up the brushes when they need it. A great buy.

U.S Beauty Buys 3

Fresh Sugar Sweeties Mini Lip Duo

I was tempted into buying this little lip duo long before I arrived in the US and was excited when I finally got to pick it up. This brand has a great reputation and I haven’t been disappointed since I bought them and have started using them. They smell great and leave my lips feeling super soft and hydrated. A definite pro.

U.S Beauty Buys 4

Sephora Brow Filler Brush

I love this stiff brow brush, designed to fill in your brows with any powder you choose. I’m still into the H&M brow palette that I’ve been using over the last few weeks and this brush is suited perfectly to it.

U.S Beauty Buys 5

Nars Blush / Bronzing Powder Duo

Nars has a big reputation for their blush products so I was looking forward to buying this bronze/blush duo, as I’ve never owned one before. I’m already really enjoying it and can completely understand why this is so popular. The blush colour is perfect at highlighting and adding a pop of colour and the bronzer is ideal for adding some warmth. Perfect.

U.S Beauty Buys 6

Sephora Unbleached Filter Eye Shadow Palette

This is a lovely subtle palette for slightly dressing up your makeup routine without anything over the top. I’ve already used each and every colour, which is unusual for eye palettes, and really enjoy the warmth they add to my look. The little lighter colours are also perfect for highlighting and brightening up my eyes under my eyes and in the inside corners. A great everyday palette.

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