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My New Bobbi Brown Products


New Bobbi Brown 1

I always take my time in deciding the new make-up products I choose to buy, mostly due to the higher price of better quality items available. What I tend to do is choose a couple times during the year when I spend a little bit of money in updating what is in my make-up bag, and then mix them up with what I already have and am enjoying using. As mentioned in my last post about Brides the Show, I got to have a consultation with a Bobbi Brown advisor on Saturday, and it was a great experience. She tried out a ton of their products on me, in order to highlight the kinds of techniques I can use when doing my make-up at home, and as I’d spent some money on having that consultation, I got to have some money off their items. I chose the shimmer brick in pink quartz and pot rouge for lips and cheeks in fresh melon and I am so happy with my choices.

New Bobbi Brown 2

I love multi-purpose make-up pieces, so both of these were good value on that front, as the shimmer brick can not only be used on cheeks, but can also be used as a gorgeous shadow on eyes, and the pot rouge is designed to be a cream for both cheeks and lips. I can also imagine that they will last a long time, which is important to me when parting with my money, so although a little more expensive than I often go, I’m sure they will be valuable products I will get the most out of.

New Bobbi Brown 3

I’m definitely going to be buying more Bobbi Brown products in the future and in the run up to my wedding – there are a ton of things I already have my eye on, so I’m excited to keep adding to my collection and learning new techniques.

New Bobbi Brown 4

And an extra little treat included with my purchases was a little booklet outlining step-to-step instructions on bridal beauty, so I’m also excited to have some tips on the big day.

New Bobbi Brown 5

New Bobbi Brown 6

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