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My Instagram Album So Far


My Instagram Album So Far

The idea of printing my Instagram photos and displaying them in an album was always appealing to me – they never really got looked at just being online and what fun are they just stuck on a computer for noone to look at? I’ve had an account for just over 3 years now and although I don’t use it religiously (about 750 photos over that time is just right, I think), I love the pictures I’ve got and have so many happy memories associated with them that keeping them in a cute little album seemed like a great idea.

My Instagram Album So Far 2

It takes so few supplies – just a mini album, some photo sleeves and your printed photos. You can specifically get your photos printed into the sizes you need (either 2″ x 2″ or 4″ x 4″), but these are more often than not more expensive than simply getting them printed to 6″ x 4″ and cutting them out. It’s more time consuming to make 2 x 2 collages, add borders to make them the correct size and to do all that cutting, but the savings are quite significant, so I figured I could deal with that.

My Instagram Album So Far 3

I also added a few Photoshop brushes or lightened the photos up a bit, just to make them a bit more appealing, which added just a little extra something. I might add some embellishments in the future, once I’ve got all the photos in the album and if I fancy making them a bit prettier, but for now they’re good as they are and I’m just happy to have them all in one place.

My Instagram Album So Far 4

I think eventually I’ll end up with a bunch of different albums, and I’m excited for that and to be able to look back over the years, but this was a pretty big task for now, so I think from now on I’ll try and tackle it yearly as I’m doing with my larger Project Life album.

My Instagram Album So Far 5

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