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My Honeymoon Essentials: Part One


Here’s Lucy with her first post on honeymoon packing:

Honeymoon Essentials

“I’m taking a lot of stuff with me on our honeymoon, I want to make that clear. However, I do try and minimise the amount I take in my carry-on bag, so that I don’t have something super heavy with me when on board. I feel like it’s best if I try and priotise the things I feel like I’m going to leave and leave the rest behind. Obviously these things are very personal to me, so you might feel very different about this, but here are the things I’ve decided to take along. Part two coming in a couple of days.”

Honeymoon Essentials 2

Honeymoon Essentials 3

Honeymoon Essentials 4

Eye Mask – Relieves tired eyes and can also help you sleep on a long flight (ours is 9 hours). Anything that can help with snoozing and help my sleep-deprived eyes is welcome for me, so I hope to get quite a bit of use out of this.

Document holder – I hate rooting around my back for all the essential vacation documents, so I have something to keep it all in the same place which is easy to find and grab when going through security.

Sunglasses – Squinting when heading off the plane is never fun, so I always pack sunglasses if I know I’m heading to a sunny country. Plus, they’re also another item that hides tired eyes, so they’re double duty winners.

Cosmetics – I only take the absolute essentials on board when it comes to beauty products. I pack most away in my suitcase, but I sometimes feel like I need to top up the odd areas, so I keep the things I know I’ll need close by and in the correct clear bag. Those things I like to have in there include foundation, lip balm, concealer, perfume and hand sanitiser.

Hand wipes – If you’re like me, then you don’t like to think of all the germs you pick up whilst travelling, so I always make sure to keep hand wipes in my bag, so I can keep clean when I need to. I especially do this if I know I’m going to be eating.

Books / magazines – I always keep reading material around, especially on longer flights when I need to be more entertained. I like to take something that’ll keep me interested for long periods, and pick magazines with a ton of articles so it lasts me a while.

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