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My Favourite Fall Nail Colours


As I’ve mentioned countless times before, I’m not always one for following trends – I tend to just go for things that feel right for me at any time of the year and if it’s trendy then that’s great. I suppose I’m like it with most aspects of my style and nail colours are no different. There are probably a ton of ‘in’ nail colours this fall we’re all supposed to be wearing, but I just tend to go for a set of colours that feel right for the cooler months before Christmas hits and double decker bus red is the only colour that’ll be on my fingertips (I’m only half kidding). So, here are a few of the staples that I keep to hand around this time of the year.

My Favourite Fall Nail Colours

Uptown / Jungle Gem / Lucy in the Sky / Cookies and Cream / Thank Glogg It’s Friday / Fall in Line / Pear Purple / Taupe Modele / Force

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