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My Favourite Christmas Gifts


I truly appreciate everything that I receive at Christmas time. Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer giving the gifts and seeing the look of surprise and joy on the faces of others when they open up something I have picked out and wrapped, but it’s also nice to feel a little bit spoilt at this time of year. And I LOVED every single item that was given to me by those that I care about most, from the potato ricer than my boy gave me, to the socks that were chosen by my mum. But if I had to pick out just the best couple of things that I don’t know how I ever lived without, then here they are!

My Favourite Christmas Gifts

001. A cake pop maker from my sister, Hana; 002. Bouchon Bakery from my boy’s sister and her fiance; 003. This beautiful cardigan that my mum knit just for me – I just love it; 004. A gorgeous milk jug from my sister and brother in law; 005. A fab watch from my sister.


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