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I have so much fun decorating our home over the holidays – lights, garlands, wreaths, I want it all! My usual route, in terms of colour schemes, is the traditional red and gold, with little bursts of white or green, depending on individual ornaments we might pick up or get given. However, this year is different, this year we’ve gone with a completely new colour scheme, and it feels so good to have a change, especially as this one feels so in-keeping with our living room decor in general. It’s pretty true to the mint and peach scheme that Hana highlighted in this post, except we’ve also included whites and mixed metallics – a nice subtle mix of neutrals, sparkle and a bit of colour. I love it, and am really glad we found something a little different that we enjoy, hopefully I’ll still love it next year when we do it all over again.

Lucy's Christmas Tree 2014

Lucy's Christmas Tree 2014 - 2

Lucy's Christmas Tree 2014 - 3

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