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My 5 Favourite Photography Apps


If you know me at all, then you’ll know that I’m usually taking photos on my phone whilst out and about, and that one of my favourite things to do is make those images look as pretty as I can before posting them on social media, or making them into a phonebook or scrapbook. I’ve downloaded a countless number of editing apps over the years and now use a handful to get just the right photos to tell the story I want. Here’s a little rundown of the ones I adore.

Photo Apps 1 & 2

A Color Story – This is my newest download and has quickly became my favourite photo editing app. Although I had to purchase all of the filters I wanted, it’s still a bargain for everything you get and it’s well worth the investment. They have the perfect effect for every photo you could possibly want to take and I love it. Highly recommended.

VSCO Cam – This was my favourite app before A Color Story came along. It’s still high up on my list with its adjustments and small amount of free features. I used it mostly to change brightness, temperature, saturation, etc. and will likely still use it regularly for this purpose. Definitely one of my favourites.

Photo Apps 3 & 4

Over – I use this for light filters, but mostly it’s for adding text and artwork, which I do on the most appropriate photos. I used it a lot around Christmas when I had fun with the Holidays artwork pack, but hope to keep going with it through this year. Some of the filters are also worth a look.

Afterlight –┬áThis has some gorgeous filters and light effects, as well as some really interesting shapes to add a little something different to your photos. I don’t use this as much now as I used to, but I certainly play around with it when I feel like a change from these other apps I’ve mentioned.

Photo Apps 5

Party Party – This is less about the editing features and more about creating fun Photo Booth pictures. We used this a number of times when we were on our honeymoon and were playing around with lots of different shots, so I look forward to using it again when we’re looking to have some fun with photos.

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