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Moving Announcements


I’ve decided that I really like the idea of Moving Announcements; it’s too easy to delete a text or throw away a piece of paper containing somebody’s address, whereas a pretty moving announcement can take pride of place on a notice board or in a mail rack. That way, when birthdays and Christmas come around, family and friends always know where it is they’re sending their regards. Plus, there are some gorgeous choices out there. So, me and my boy have decided that we are going to be partaking in the event that is sending out announcements, and we’ve been having some fun looking at the designs we like at Minted. Here are our current top 4 choices.

Moving Announcements 1

[Mod Move]

Moving Announcements 2

[A New Home in My Life]

Moving Announcements 3

[Sweet Homeness]

Moving Announcements 4

[Flying Armchair]

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