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I’m starting to wonder whether I’ll ever take photographs on my phone of anything other than food or drink…it’s starting to worry me that food is clearly so central to my life! Actually, on second thoughts, why would food not be such a big part when it eating happens at least 3 times a day, and it is just so darn enjoyable?! So, here’s what’s been going on since my last instagram happenings.

Instagram Photos - 14.10.2012

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1. My first sampling on fruit beer – this one was mango. Yum.
2. A local rugby game with my boy on a Friday evening.
3. The orchid my mum got me when we first moved in – it’s still alive!
4. A visit to Victoria’s Secret store in Stratford, London. Bit expensive for me.
5. Soup and toast on a cold weekend in October.
6. More soup, this time a home-made vegetable one from my mum.
7. Raspberry & pine nut oat bars. Delicious.
8. My newest library loan – Baked in America by David Muniz.
9. A fries and nachos lunch with my sister – so bad and yet so good.
10. A little walk in nature one quiet Saturday afternoon.
11. A sunny, sunny Sunday.
12. Creamy hot chocolate on a cold day.
13. I wish I had a fireplace at home – I had to settle for a local pub.
14. My Sunday afternoon reading – how cultured of me.
15. A felt pumpkin picked up at a local craft fair for October.

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