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More House Updates…


It’s getting ever closer to the time when me and my boy will be moving into our new house, in fact, it’s just a few short weeks away now! So, we decided to pay a visit, knowing that we would be able to go in for the first time and take some measurements for furniture, etc. I decided to take my camera too, so I was able to capture how it’s going and show our family the progress being made. Yes, it’s still in an unfinished state, with a mud patch for a garden and just a bath in the bathroom. But, it’s definitely getting there and being able to go take a look around made it more real for us as the big move day comes closer. We’re now figuring out sofas and dining tables, coffee tables and washing machines, so it’s an expensive time for us right now. But we know it’ll be worth it in the end, when we’re in our home and everything is in there with us. I can’t wait!

House 001

House 002

House 003

House 004

House 005

House 006

House 007

House 008

photo credit: Lucy

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