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Meet the Blogger 2015 Review


Meet the Blogger

As you may know, Lucy and I recently attended the Meet The Bloggers 5th Annual Conference in Amsterdam. It was the first blogging-related event we’ve attended and most definitely won’t be our last as we’ve recently purchased tickets to Blogtacular 2016 in London. We came away with some great ideas to use and bucket loads of inspiration. It gave us the opportunity to meet like-minded bloggers with similar struggles to our own and take tips from those further on in their blogging journey than us. I thought I’d write a little about each of the talks/workshops that we particularly enjoyed or found helpful. There were a couple more keynote speeches, but they were brand-specific and didn’t feel as useful to use as the ones we’ve talked about here.

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Meet the Blogger 3

Dream, Make, GrowElsie Larson & Emma Chapman (A Beautiful Mess)

Elsie and Emma were one of the main reasons for us attending the event as we’ve been fans of this sister blogging team for years. It was great to hear their story of success, from Elsie’s first blog to the recent development of their apps and book deals. They emphasized the importance of being organized and how much easier it is running a blog when you plan ahead. It has definitely given us something to aspire to as we work to grow our own site.

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Simple business tools to help you build your blog empire – Tip Moore (Apartment Diet)

Tip was great at making us think about each step in our blog from why we have created our blog to how we plan on achieving what we set out to. She also made us think about our blog as a business, looking at how a business model might help in creating a sustainable idea. We set ourselves goals for the future as she advised that writing them down is the first step to achieving them.

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Crafting with the Messy Box – Elsie Larson & Emma Chapman (A Beautiful Mess)

As frequent visitors of A Beautiful Mess, we’d read a lot about the girls Messy Box  subscription service which delivers lots of scrapbooking goodies right to your door each month. It was great to see an example of what a kit contains and gave us the chance to create our own scrapbook page using the typography themed items. We initially encountered a problem with not being able to bring our own scissors or glue, due to traveling by plane, but we improvised with a bit of creative use of the tape provided. It was also a lovely opportunity to chat to Elsie and Emma while they took a look at what we were all creating.

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Meet the Blogger 12

How to monetize your blog and social channels with affiliate marketing – Fabiënne Rotteveel (Zanox)

Now that we’ve been running the blog for a few years we’re looking to take it to a new level by gaining a few more visitors and perhaps starting a few collaborations with companies, so we took the opportunity to join the talk given by Fabiënne at Zanox. She gave great insight into the services the company offers as well as the developments they have in the pipeline. It was helpful to see what tools are out there that we can utilize to move our blog forward.

Meet the Blogger 11

We also found the Instawalk a great idea at the end of the second day. It was a lovely idea for exploring a different city and some of the tips given for mobile photography will prove extremely useful in the future.

Meet the Blogger 13

Although we would recommend attending this conference if you’re from outside the host country, we would just advise that most of the attendees were locals and so a lot of the time, people were talking in the native language and it was easy to feel a little left out. All the speakers delivered their speeches in English, there were elements that felt distinctly geared towards a local market, so that’s just something to be aware of. We had some great free items as part of the goodie bag we received, but we were also limited in taking some of those things home with us, due to restrictions on what you can take on board a plane. Overall, although we found it to be a valuable experience and we really enjoyed most of the speakers and breakout sessions, we probably won’t be attending again and feel that perhaps conferences within the UK would be more suitable for us and our blog.

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