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Marquee Lighting


Even if you didn’t know what it was called, you will have come across marquee lighting at some point or another, whether it be at a local bar or restaurant, or maybe even at a friend’s wedding, where it’s becoming more and more popular to have large lettering of the bride and groom’s initials displayed. Depending on the style, it can either create a simple and elegant atmosphere or a more laid-back vintage vibe. If you don’t want to fork out a few hundred pounds to buy one, they are readily available to hire for events, or you can find loads of tutorials online to make your own, in fact I will be going back to basics and creating a mini illuminated ‘H & G’ for my wedding next year, so I will be sure to post a how-to guide when I get around to it. For now take some inspiration for the selection below.

Marquee Lighting

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