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Kitchen treats


In less than 2 weeks, if all goes to plan, my boy and I will be getting the keys to our first house, so we’re at the exciting stage of looking to furnish the main rooms. We’ve been pretty organised with purchasing quite a few items over the last month or so, and our parents have also been super generous in buying us bits and bobs along the way. As well as the essentials such as pots and pans, plates and cutlery, we’re also looking at items that aren’t a necessity but a bit more of a treat to make our house more of a home. I think one of my favourite rooms to kit-out will be the kitchen, as I plan to spend lots of time testing various recipes and just generally trying to improve my cooking skills which, at the moment, are practically non-existent. To help in this quest, I have acquired the items below that will really add a special personal touch to our kitchen, and will come in real handy when we get in.

When we’re completely settled in our new home, we plan on hosting a number of parties to thank our families for their help in buying our house, and a staple for any dinner party is a cheese board. This one comes complete with an expandable section containing the knifes needed to cut the cheese, so nothing extra is required, other than some plates and some hungry guests.



My boy and I have always been big fans of slate. It can give any table a simple yet stylish edge, without much effort at all, and these placemats are no exception. The heart shape gives it a softer touch, and as we already have other slate placemats, it means we both have one, and still have spares for our guests so they don’t miss out.



On a day-to-day basis when I will be cooking evening meals for my boy and I, I don’t plan on making too much of a mess, but I know for a fact, when it comes to cooking more complicated dishes, such as cakes, cookies and other sweet treats, the same won’t be true. So to help protect my clothes as much as possible, I will be wearing this gorgeously simple apron, which I’ll just be able to throw into the washing machine once I’m done.


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