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I’m not someone who collects a lot of catalogues – it’s too tempting when they’re sat on my coffee table for me to pick one up, flip through the pages and have a ton of things catch my eye. I tell you, my credit cards would not be thanking me if that happened regularly, so I figure it’s just better to not have them around. However, every season I do give in and spend a couple pounds on the Next Home catalogue, as it’s filled with the most gorgeous home inspiration and even if I don’t choose to buy anything, I love flipping through it and taking little bits of inspiration as a way to decorate my home. I hope there may be a couple things I could buy over the next few months, maybe in the lead up to Autumn, but for now I’m pretty content to pick it up every now and again and imagine that sometime soon my home will look as pretty as the ones on those pages do.

Next Home Inspiration 2

Next Home Inspiration 3

Next Home Inspiration 4

Next Home Inspiration 5

Next Home Inspiration 6

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