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Instagram Updates: June 2013


It’s mid-June, nearly vacation time, and the weather has mostly been gorgeous, so who can complain really? Here is what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks, instagram style.

Instagram Updates: June 2013

1. An afternoon of magazine reading is my absolute favourite; 2. A delicious peanut butter cookie I baked…it didn’t last long; 3. Hana watching our nephew enjoying a ride on Clifford; 4. A beautiful new mug I bought; 5. Some beautiful weekend weather I enjoyed in the garden; 6. Date night with my boy; 7. The delicious warm goat’s cheese salad on that date night; 8. A lovely cocktail of wine, orange juice and lemonade; 9. A snack of strawberries, there’s nothing nicer; 10. Some of the beautiful flowers my mum is growing; 11. Another lovely salad, this time with blue cheese, peach and proscuitto; 12. A dinner spot with a ton of book shelves; 13. A mid-morning snack of cinnamon swirl and iced mocha; 14. A personalised diet coke; 15. Crackers, soft cheese and chutney, a lovely weekend snack; 16. Freshly washed strawberries ready to enjoy; 17. Date night with Bon Jovi; 18. A new dinner spot we found – it was amazing.

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