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Instagram Updates: End June to Now


I always find that my favourite phone pictures are those that I take in the summer. More outdoor weekends, more colours from flowers and food, and stunning vacation photos all make for a couple of months of Instagram perfection. And these are no exception. I showcased my Instagram vacation photos in a post here, so these are a couple from before we went and then everything up until this past weekend. I think this is my favourite Instagram post I’ve done so far, and have loved looking back over the past couple months in photos, remembering all the fun that’s been had.

Instagram - June-July 2013

001. Delicious syrup crunch cookies on display for a family gathering. | 002. Some pre-vacation shopping at Forever 21, and I came away with some lovely goodies. | 003.  Boston cream cupcakes, as requested by my sister. | 004. Sunny, yellow flowers make me feel happy. | 005. A post-vacation shopping trip included some Auntie Ann’s vanilla dough sticks – yum. | 006. One of the biggest salads I’ve ever eaten during a dinner out, delicious though. | 007. I treated myself to a table and some chairs to enjoy the summer sunshine. | 008. A drink and snack with my parents. | 009. A colourful food and drink festival with my parents. | 010. A homemade Greek frappe. | 011. So, yeah, we got engaged! | 012. Some lovely little sweet peas in my garden. | 013. A gorgeous canvas my sister bought for me on vacation. | 014. My first wedding purchase after getting engaged, and I LOVE it. | 015. The most gorgeous little nephew in the world. | 016. Fresh strawberries are my favourite. | 017. We got a new look last month. | 018. A delicious salad of avocado, sweetcorn, roasted sweet potato, hazelnuts and goat cheese. | 019. A starbucks break during a day off with my sister. | 020. Homemade engagement party confetti.

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