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Instagram Updates: April-May 2013


And here we are in mid May, and every now and again we’re starting to see some warmer, sunnier weather. Here is what’s been happening over the past month or so, according to my Instagram photos.

Instagram: 12.05.2013

1. My first Project Life pages – this one was when me and my sister went to Disneyland Paris; 2. The one documented when we graduated university; 3. A delicious blueberry muffin from a weekend away; 4. Some gorgeoud blossom during an evening walk; 5. Pretty daffodils on that same walk; 6. A light mocha frappuccino after a workout; 7. Homemade roasted sweet potato salad – yum; 8. A late night bubble bath; 9. Sometimes you need a vitamin water to get through an afternoon; 10. Gorgeous garlic bread on a date night; 11. And the second course was BBQ chicken; 12. Another roasted sweet potato salad, this time with apple and walnuts – a new favourite; 13. A lovely ice-cream cone one sunny weekend; 14. A homemade beetroot tart; 15. My wonderful nephew playing hide and seek; 16. One big wafer in the most gorgeous clotted cream ice-cream; 17. My nephew is getting to grips with copying everyone by talking on the phone.

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