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Another month almost gone, another Instagram update for you today. I love Autumn – the fact that you can now wake up to cold, crisp mornings and you don’t need an excuse to cuddle into a warm blanket with a hot chocolate in your hands. This is definitely one of my favourite times of year, with Halloween, our birthday and Christmas gift shopping all happening around these parts, and getting ready for all the festivities these next couple months have to bring. Yes, we have dark, rainy days, which can get us all a little down in the dumps, but when pumpkin spice lattes are on offer, the weather won’t be bringing me down anytime soon! Talk to me in January, then I might feel differently.

Instagram: October 2013

– My boy on one of our date nights; ice-cream dessert on the same date night; tea and crumpets in bed.

– Paint samples in our wedding colours; decorated pumpkins; a coffee on an afternoon with friends.

– A new owl mug, which I’m in love with; my first pumpkin spice latte of the season; my cosy dinner table.

– An autumn leaf – such pretty colours; tea, biscuits and a magazine; one of the prettier parts of town on a long walk with my boy.

– I love the colours of autumn; printed gift wrap.

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