Instagram Photos: November-December


A bunch of Instagram photos, from the last week of November to this week.

Instagram Photos: November-December

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1. I love watermelon as a snack…even in Winter.
2. Homemade soup and some crusty bread – yummy.
3. My favourite Christmas ornament, lit by the fairy lights.
4. A beautiful wreath, which is on our front door.
5. On our way to London by first-class train, I enjoyed some complimentary tea.
6. And I was lucky enough to go with this guy. 4 years together that day.
7. These were our lunchtime beverages.
8. A coffee/hot chocolate break on Portobello Road.
9. A Christmas candle display on my coffee table.
10. Loved watching this for the first time…a classic.
11. Miracle on 34th Street – just about my favourite Christmas movie.
12. A hung these lights around my desk in work to make the place a bit more festive.
13. My sister and I on a Christmas work evening.
14. A steamed up mirror message for my boy.
15. A hand-made Christmas present for a friend.
16. A thoughtful colleague’s Christmas gift…delicious.

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