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How to Wear Fall’s Colours


It can often be daunting to try and follow the latest trends in fashion when you’re not confident in certain styles or don’t quite know what works and what doesn’t. I’m not a trend follower whatsoever, choosing clothes that are comfortable and that look good over anything that is deemed to be ‘on trend’ – it just might be luck that something happens to be ‘in’ at any given time. I suppose that the only way I would purposely choose something that was following a certain trend would probably be with colour – I find it much easier to choose ‘in’ colours rather than styles and make them much more wearable in everyday life. Here I’ve picked out 3 of this fall’s hottest colours and I’m showing you how easy it is to pick out pieces  that look great but are also super popular and trendy in the coming season.

Fashion: Fall Colours

1. Crepe Swing Vest | 2. Nail Paint – Lemon Ice Cream | 3. Alice & You Yellow High Waist Midi Skirt | 4. Epaulette Shirt | 5. Blue Zip Pocket Front Tunic Dress | 6. Sweatpants | 7. Textured Cut-Out Skater Dress | 8. SKY LIT Wide Fit Pointed Heels | 9. Extra soft scarf.

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