How To…Half Moon Nails


I’m always looking to do something a bit different with my nails away from just using one colour on them all. That is why I thought I’d jump on the half-moon-nail bandwagon and try them out for myself using hole reinforcers to get the crescent shape. I found the whole process very easy so I thought I’d share my experience with you, so that you might try it out for yourself. The only other thing you need is two different colour nail polishes, it’s that simple. Another idea would be to use one colour as your base and then use a mattifying nail polish as your second choice and this creates a more subtle half moon effect. I might try that one next time.



  • Nail polish remover
  • Base/top coat nail polish
  • Two different colour nail polishes
  • Hole reinforcers
  • Scissors
  1. Start by removing any old left over nail polish with nail polish remover.
  2. Apply your base coat to each nail and wait for it to dry completely.
  3. Cut 5 hole reinforcers in half so that you have one for each nail.
  4. Apply1 or 2 coats of your base nail polish colour, this will be the colour of your half moon at the bottom of your nail.
  5. Apply your hole reinforcers to the bottom of your nail, the higher up your nail you place them, the bigger the half moon shape will be.
  6. Apply 1 or 2 coats of your second nail polish over the top of the whole nail, covering the hole reinforcer.
  7. Wait until the nail polish is completely dry before removing the hole reinforcer.
  8. Apply your top coat and admire your work!

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