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How I'm Getting Fit

So, we’re a few weeks into 2015 now and I’m sure many of you are still having a go at your new year’s resolutions – and good for you. Making healthy choices was one of my main aims for 2015 and I feel like I’m really embracing some of the ways that I can do that. My main focus was to get a bit healthier, maybe even shedding a few pounds to feel better in myself ready for all the exciting things going on in the coming months. How people get fit and healthy is super personal, so I don’t expect anyone to follow my lead, but I also thought it might be helpful to tell the start of my story, in case it motivates any of you to make some small changes.

1. Activity

I’m not a natural exerciser – I get bored running, find machines tedious and really need something to keep me motivated to work out. This is why I find workout DVDs so helpful and enjoyable. I have a routine to follow, encouragement along the way and I can do it from the comfort of my own home, so I can’t use bad weather as an excuse not to exercise outdoors. I picked two specifically, and have thoroughly enjoyed working my way through one so far – the other, titled ‘Intense’ is something I’m building too, when I feel like I’ve picked up the basics. I’ve also been working out with the boy at home, as he’s been coming up with weight workouts that we can do together to music. Both of these have been such a great start to getting fit and I look forward to the workouts now, instead of dreading the journey to the gym. At the moment, I’m working out 3 times a week, which works great for me, but I think as my fitness level grows I want to increase that to 4 or 5.

2. Eating

I’ve never been one to undertake faddy diets, choosing to stay pretty healthy in what I eat, but recently I’ve been slipping. I think the biggest factor in that over the past couple of years is buying a house and having to make more of an effort to make our own meals, which takes some getting used to. When I read about the ‘fast diet’ I was intrigued. The health benefits, as well as weight loss, include improving blood pressure, cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m a couple of weeks in now and, although I’m not weighing myself, I feel better in myself and think I’ve lost a pound or two. This wasn’t my ultimate goal, it was more about how I felt, so I’ll see how the weeks progress. I’m making healthier choices outside of my fasting days too, so I definitely think it’ll be beneficial to me. It won’t be for everybody though, so read up about it (try here) before making any decisions.

3. Support

I’ve been using a couple of apps to help count my calories on my fast days as well as using a pedometer app to see how active I am in general. Having the technology to support my goals is something I’m finding really helpful, as I find it’s keeping me motivated. Plus, I think it opens your eyes to the choices you’re making – if you see how many calories are in a certain food, you pick something healthier, if you haven’t taken many steps in a given day, then you’re more likely to take the stairs on the way out of the office. Little changes like these can make a big difference.

4. Goals

I feel like the best way for me to stay motivated with a new health plan like this is to have goals that I can work towards and a timeframe to achieve them in. I’m lucky enough to have a wedding to strive for this coming June, but I also have a dress that I want to wear for my hen celebrations in May and a honeymoon coming in October, so I’m working to several goals throughout the year. The goal will not be a certain weight loss for me, which might be different for you, it is to feel more comfortable in different kinds of clothes, or walking for a few miles without feeling tired. I feel like working towards these goals and setting myself these milestones allows me to focus more clearly on what I want to achieve and to really strive for that when I’m feeling tired and less motivated.

Like I say, everyone does things differently and these tips won’t help everybody, but this is just my story and I wanted to share it with you. Good luck to everyone who is working towards similar goals this year – we’ll get there!

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