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Hot Chocolate Heaven


Who doesn’t love a hot, toasty drink on a cold, wintery day? Nobody, that’s who. And what better comforting, tasty choice than hot chocolate. And, of course, it doesn’t just come in one flavour, there are tons and tons to choose from. Especially if you go with the powdered variety, which make it as easy as possible to enjoy some chocolatey goodness. One company that do a ton of different hot chocolate flavours are Whittard, my favourite of which are below!

Whittard Hot Chocolate

1. Rocky Road Hot Chocolate | 2. Banoffee Hot Chocolate | 3. Strawberry White Hot Chocolate | 4. Chilli Hot Chocolate | 5. Ginger Hot Chocolate | 6. Tiramisu Hot Chocolate | 7. Creme Brulee Hot Chocolate | 8. Rhubarb White Hot Chocolate.

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