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Honeymoons: A New Video


New Video - Honeymoons

As well as it being a long time since we blogged, it’s also been quite a few months since we uploaded a video to our YouTube channel. We are hoping to change that over the coming months and we will be making a conscious effort to keep the channel updated with new content as often as we can. We want to offer you many fun things to watch and enjoy, so we’re busy coming up with new ideas to film and create now that we’re heading towards an enjoyable and busy time of the year. For now, here is a video featuring our honeymoons. We have been very lucky over the last year to both have been to some lovely places for our honeymoons – one of us to Florida and the other to Maldives and Dubai. This is just a short highlights reel of the things we did and saw whilst away, so we hope you enjoy a little bit of travel.

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