H&M Beauty


H&M Beauty

I’m always a bit wary when high street brands get into the beauty game – I’m not always convinced that their products are of the highest quality against the specialised companies who just stick to one part of the market. However, after seeing their online launch and falling very much in love with the look (how gorgeous is the packaging?) and price of many of their products, I decided to give them a go. I bought 10 items in total, which I’ll list, before picking out my favourite products and telling you a bit more about them.

H&M Beauty 2

The products I purchased:

  • Lash curler – Gold
  • Tweezers
  • Eau de toilette – Cashmere Haze
  • Body scrub – Rose Reverie
  • Shower oil – Revelation
  • Eyebrow gel – Clear
  • Dipliner – Jet Black
  • Cream lipstick – Heyday
  • Patent toilet bag
  • Eyebrow kit – Caramel

H&M Beauty 3

My favourites:

Eau de toilette – Cashmere Haze

This fragrance is beautiful. I always worry about buying any scent without smelling it first, so I was taking a bit of a risk, but I love this. It’s subtle but lasts all day and is perfect as an everyday fragrance when you don’t want to use a super expensive perfume. I carry it around in my purse, as it’s portable and don’t worry about topping up as it was under £7. Plus, my husband loves when I wear it, which is a bonus.

Body scrub – Rose Reverie

This is a more subtle exfoliant than I’ve previously used and I’m actually grateful for that. I have quite sensitive skin, which is prone to red patches when scrubbed too much, so a less coarse body scrub is exactly what I need. The scent is gorgeous and it’s delicate enough to use every time I’m in the shower, which is perfect for lightly getting rid of anything nasty on the skin.

H&M Beauty 4

Dipliner – Jet Black

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with liquid eyeliner and haven’t used it much over the last few years. However, when I saw this one, with the tiny brush it has, I thought I’d give it a try. The short wand gives you ideal control and the tiny tip gives perfect precision for when you have a shaky hand. I’m not sure it’ll last too long, but I don’t mind considering it’s super affordable price.

Shower oil – Revelation

This is an unusual product and is completely new to me, but I’m really enjoying the effect it’s having on my skin. It’s an oil-to-foam product which you use in the shower and leaves my skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing. The scent is the kind you’d expect to find in products at a spa, which is dreamy, and it is a pleasure to use. As I say, it takes a little getting used to as it’s not a traditional shower oil or gel, but it is gorgeous and I look forward to continued use.

H&M Beauty 5

Eyebrow kit – Caramel

I have recently bought a brow palette, however, I was finding that the colours were just too dark in comparison to my hair colour and it was just drawing too much of a contrast. So I thought I’d like to try one more suited to light brunettes / dark blondes and have found this palette to be perfect. It doesn’t come with a brush, which is disappointing, but I luckily had one with my previous kit so have continued to use that. The wax is also perfect for setting brows.

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