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Hen Weekend Photos


My sister’s hen weekend was a fun affair, with games, sangria and walking on the beach. We got some beautiful sunshine on Sunday, if not the warmth to go with it, and I managed to take a couple of scenic photos while down by the seaside. We even got to eat some lunch outside. Weekends away never feel like they last quite long enough and I was back in work today before I knew it. That I did not enjoy. Now it’s time to look forward to the wedding, for which we leave for in 8 weeks…it’s getting closer folks. Take a look at the couple of shots I got to take yesterday and feel the rays!

Hen Weekend 1

Hen Weekend 2

Hen Weekend 3

Hen Weekend 4

Hen Weekend 5

And this little guy even stopped by to say hello while we were having a bite to eat. And look how well he posed for my photo.

photo credit: Lucy

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