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I always get a bit guilty and sad when I don’t get time to update the blog. It really is a priority to me but anyone who has moved house knows that when you’re boxing things up, buying furniture and generally trying to sort your life out, then other things tend to go out the window. So, for that I apologise. I will be keeping this updated with how things are going now that the move date is just two days away (I hope to be taking a ton of photos in between the chaos) and I really want to share the experience, as I know the time will pass by so very quickly. I have a ton of ideas for posts over the next few weeks and so will be working super hard to get them all put together as we’re settling in (I may have to do some of this at my parents house as we won’t have an internet connection for a few days). So, wish me luck as I embark on this crazy, mammoth task over the next couple of days and I hope to come out of the other side alive and pretty excited for the next chapter!

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