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Clinique: Healthy Skin

I’ve never really been one to buy into beauty fads – special diets that do this, or shockingly expensive pieces of equipment that do that – but I wanted to give something new a try to get my skin looking clearer and more healthy looking, so I went into researching mode. Clinique is a brand I’ve used plenty over the last few years (a little of their skincare products, but mostly their make-up products when I had a bit more money to spend on quality items), so I knew they were a brand I could trust, even if they are a little more expensive than I usually go.

Clinique: Healthy Skin 4

Clinique: Healthy Skin 2

When I heard that they’d released a sonic cleansing brush I thought I’d go in-store, try it out and decide if it was the right product for me. Luckily, there was a sale on that particular day, so I decided to take the leap and buy it, along with an on-sale liquid soap to use alongside it. I’m going to give this a go over the next few weeks and report back on how I find it to perform, but I have pretty high hopes given what I’ve been reading.

Clinique: Healthy Skin 3

Clinique: Healthy Skin 5

Bonus: there was a free gift when I handed over my hard-earned cash, so I also get to try a couple of their other pieces in conjunction with the cleaning brush, so I’ll also be letting you know whether any of these things will be making their way into my regular beauty regime.

Clinique: Healthy Skin 6

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