Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day


So, it’s February 14th and it’s time to celebrate love. It doesn’t have to be love in the romantic sense, but can be love between siblings or friends, or between parents and their children. I am spending my Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend, on our 5th Valentine’s Day together, but the 1st in our own home. I will making us a delicious dinner and we will be chilling out with a movie and maybe even some wine, so I can’t wait. We don’t do the traditional gift thing, as we believe that things are pretty overpriced at this time of the year and we’d rather appreciate spending the time together than buying expensive gifts, and that is just about perfect to me. And I will be sure to let those closest to me know how much I adore them on this Valentine’s Day, and I hope you will too. xoxo

Happy Valentine's Day

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