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Happy New Year!


Happy New Year

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time over the holiday period. I can honestly say that I’ve had the best Christmas I could possibly have wished for. Every day since December 23rd I’ve been seeing great people, eating lots of good food and generally been having a ton of fun. It started Friday, 23rd during my last day at work, when we got to leave early and have a hot chocolate at a local cafe/bar. Christmas Eve was spent at my sister’s house where there was lots of food to eat and time to spend with family and my sister’s friends. Christmas Day was the best yet, myself and my mum taking the lead on the cooking of Christmas dinner. An evening of fun and games followed as my mum, dad, my boyfriend, my sisters and their boyfriends and myself all laughed the evening away as we played charades, and my nephew Cody just sat by and smiled. Boxing day was a further family day, this time of the extended variety as we went to visit my dad’s relatives. Tuesday was a quiet one, and Wednesday was a day of lunch and shopping with my sister and closest friend. Thursday was a party day, with a sizeable gathering of friends and family at my parents house. Friday was a chance to meet up with some old family friends, as we spent a lovely evening catching up with those we see too infrequently. And Saturday came New Year’s Eve, where myself and my boyfriend cooked beautiful food, drank good wine, played some Scrabble, watched Super 8 and saw the new year in with sparklers and watching the London fireworks. Today is New Year’s Day and I will be spending the day and evening with family, eating and enjoying the last couple of days before the holidays are well and truly over and we are all back to work for another year. I’m hoping for 2012 to be a happy and healthy one, I’m sure I will be letting you know some of my resolutions for the year over the next couple of days. I hope you will be making some good plans for the next 12 months and I hope you too have a wonderful year ahead of you.

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