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Hana’s Proposal Story


I always thought I’d know when my boyfriend was going to propose to me. He’s not very good at keeping secrets and I can always tell when he’s lying, so I thought this would be too big a surprise for him to keep quiet. But he managed it and he tells me it took a number of weeks to plan.


We’d been looking to book a last minute holiday in August, with no real idea of where we wanted to go, so when he suggested Mexico, I loved the idea as I knew quite a few people who had been and had wonderful things to say about it. He was the one to discover the El Dorado Seaside Suites, and unbeknown to me at the time, it was in one of their gazebos right on the beach, during a candlelit dinner that he would get down on one knee and ask me that all important question.

He’d picked out the ring himself a few weeks before we were due to jet off, with the only information to go on being that I didn’t want a ring with just one stone. He’d done his research, as he does before every big purchase he makes, and had discovered the Hearts on Fire diamond, known as the most perfectly cut diamond in the world. So with ring in bag, we flew off to Cancun.

It was the first day of our holiday that Gareth told me he’d booked us the candlelit dinner for the following evening. The concierge had told us about them earlier on the day and he’d said he’d wanted to book one as a special treat. You’d think this would have sparked my curiosity but he’d told me that he’d managed to get it half price, and he’d said it far too convincingly for me to doubt it.


Proposal night arrived, and it started with us being met at reception and being driven to our gazebo, where we were welcomed by our own personal waiter. He served us wine and left us to enjoy the romantic atmosphere. It was at this point I had turned my back to try and get a better look at what entertainment we would be enjoying at the beach bar later on in the evening, and it was when I turned back that I was in for a shock. He was down on one knee, my hand in his, talking about what a perfect setting we were in and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. It didn’t take long for the tears to start (mine not his).

It was while he was in the middle of his well-rehearsed speech that the photographer, that was included in the candlelit dinner package, decided to make an appearance. He began taking photos, telling both of us where to stand and how to pose. We couldn’t help but laugh as we tried to explain that he had not yet asked the question, and I hadn’t yet seen the ring, but the language barrier was an issue so we just carried on doing as we were told. As a result, we’ve got some gorgeous photos of a very special, if slightly unplanned, moment.

After the photographer had taken all the shots he’d wanted, Gareth got back down on one knee, finishing his speech with the all important “Will you marry me?” and me tearfully accepting, gushing at how beautiful the ring was. We then continued with our four course meal but at this point my stomach was in knots so I wasn’t really able to appreciate it as much as I should have.


That wasn’t the last of it. After we finished our wine, and tipsily made our way back to our room, I was greeted with a gorgeous bunch of flowers, another bottle of wine and an elaborate display of towel-folded swans on our bed, surrounded by rose petals. To say it was the best evening of my life would be an understatement. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment with the best fiance I could ever have wished for. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together and get on with planning the big day.

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