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Hana’s Hen in Photos


Hana Hen 1

We had the best time this past weekend when we headed to Oxford for Hana’s hen celebrations. We dressed her up in various fancy dress items, sipped tea and cocktails and took part in some fun games along the way, with the best bunch of ladies you could hope to spend time with. Hana will fill you in on the finer details of what we got up to in the next few days, but here’s just a little snippet based on some photos I took.

Hana Hen 2

Hana Hen 3

Hana Hen 4

Hana Hen 5

Hana Hen 6

Hana Hen 7

Hana Hen 8

Hana Hen 9

Hana Hen 10

Hana Hen 11

Hana Hen 12

Hana Hen 13

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