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Halloween supplies, so far


I gave myself a couple of days away from the blog the first couple days of October and I come with a change of heart from my last post about Halloween. I previously said that I didn’t think I would throw a Halloween party, with us having a small house and all. But since then, I’ve talked to my sisters and they’ve both given a big thumbs up to the idea of my hosting a gathering at the end of this month to celebrate. And so, that has changed my mind, and I have been spending some time visiting a couple of local stores picking up some things they have on offer. This is by no means a complete collection, I want to get some things to hang in doorways and maybe a couple of things to go out in the front yard, but this is a good start to the season and I’m sure each bit will be used year after year. There are a few more stores we want to check out before I think of the decorations as ready for the night, but then it’s on to food ideas and perhaps even costumes, if the feeling takes us.

Halloween Supplies

Collection includes: A couple of candle holders, some battery powered pumpkin lights, skull shot glasses, a light-up skull, balloons, fake spiders, and a few more things. More photos to follow as the collection grows.

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