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Whether you fancy having an evening in with classic horror movies on Halloween or whether you fancy watching them all in the lead up to the celebrations at the end of the month, I always find it interesting to see which movies are featured in Best Halloween Movies lists. Usually it’s pretty easy to guess a lot of them, but doesn’t that just prove how timeless they are for their old school shocks, without the need for special effects or the need to recreate long-used techniques. The Chicago Tribune list is a pretty good one, in my opinion, mixing the old classics with the more recent scares of newer horror movies. The movies I’ve chosen for the perfect Halloween movie night are just the highlights of the list and would be my recommendations for a scary evening on the sofa (or hiding behind it!)

Halloween Movies

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre [1974]; A Nightmare on Elm Street [1984]; Halloween [1978]; Friday the 13th [1980]; The Exorcist [1973].

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