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Christmas Eve - Thankful

I always consider Christmas and the end of the year to be the best time to think about what you are most thankful for, especially if you don’t live in the US and don’t get to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in November. Even if you don’t get to spend the Christmas season with family, it is always important to have those you care most deeply for at the front of your mind and always in your thoughts. I am lucky enough that my family all lives within a 20 mile radius so we are able to spend all our special occasions together, but it doesn’t mean that I take them any more for granted than if we were hundreds or thousands of miles apart. I always have the best time celebrating with them and wouldn’t choose to spend my Christmas anywhere else and can’t wait for us to be together this year. It was a big year for us as a family, with a group trip to Kefalonia and my sister’s wedding, though it wasn’t without sadness, as my paternal grandfather passed away in March, but it has been a mostly positive one. So, now, Christmas is here, and we’re starting our celebrations today with a family gathering, and will continue into Christmas Day tomorrow and beyond. Whatever you’re doing this Christmas Eve, enjoy it.

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