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Gardener’s paradise


I’ve never been one who’s shown a particular interest in gardening, mostly because while living with my parents, it’s always been very much their domain. However, as the time for me to buy my own home edges ever closer, the idea of having a pretty garden to tend to, is becoming more and more appealing, so with this in mind, I decided to join my mum, dad and nephew in going to a local flower show recently. The weather was perfect for such an outing, with wall-to-wall sunshine for much of the day, so you can only imagine how busy it was, with people making the most of the spring sun.

As well as the stunning displays of flowers, in every colour imaginable, there were also lovely craft stalls selling jewellery, homeware, and various different nick nacks. To top it all off, they had lots of yummy food stalls to help feed all the hungry shoppers, and my mum even treated us to some toffee and honeycomb ice cream to cool us down after all the browsing. My parents picked up some real bargains and I look forward to seeing the new additions in the garden soon.

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