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One of my favourite things to do on Christmas Day, and something that has become somewhat of a tradition in the family, is to play a bunch of games once the evening draws in. This can be anything from Taboo to Charades, a DVD game or just some music trivia, but we always spend hours laughing together as we pit boys (my dad, my boy and my two sister’s other halfs) against the girls (me, mum and my two sisters). Of course, the girls have the better track record, but we do like some healthy competition, especially to keep everyone awake after a long day of eating and drinking! So, here are just a few suggestions of the games you might like to play with your family over the festive season, and maybe on other special occasions too – I can absolutely guarantee some laughs.

Christmas Games

001. Monopoly and Cluedo Compendium; 002. Family Fortunes; 003. Mr & Mrs Family Edition; 004. Taboo Reinvention; 005. Pointless – The Board Game; 006. Game Of Life Adventures Edition.

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