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Gallery Wall Number One


Gallery Wall Office

Last month, I set up a new desk space in our second bedroom and have been loving having somewhere to comfortably work on the blog, instead of on the sofa or in bed. Since then, I’ve also made some patterned prints using scrapbook paper I had around the house and got really excited about the prospect of using those prints to create a couple of gallery spaces in a couple rooms. So, this weekend was when I decided to start up the first gallery wall, choosing the empty space above my desk for the first location.

Gallery Wall Office 1

The biggest piece is a canvas that Hana very generously gifted me from her vacation this summer, and the rest were a mixture of the patterned prints and a couple quote prints I made up myself using photoshop and some digital scrapbook paper. The frames were ones that I’d previously had from my old bedroom at my parents house, as I didn’t want the added cost of buying new ones.

Gallery Wall Office 2

Gallery Wall Office 3

The process itself was a super simple one. I just figured out, with the help of my boy, where I wanted each frame to be positioned, marked the wall with a pencil indicating where the pins needed to be hammered in, and got to work hitting in the pins at a slightly upward angle so that the frames would sit nicely on them once in place.

Gallery Wall Office 4

And, I absolutely adore how it’s turned out so far. It’s very likely that it’ll extend into an even bigger space, as new prints and photographs catch my eye, and I also plan on adding a gallery wall to the dining table wall downstairs in our house so I will, of course, keep you posted on that one.

Gallery Wall Office 5

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