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Fresh Florals


Fresh Flowers

I don’t spend a lot on florals – they seem like an extravagence when you’re saving for something important (like a wedding), but I think I might start budgeting some money each month to get a fresh bunch every couple of weeks, just to brighten the place up a little. I’ve also been looking into the best ways to arrange flowers, so that they look their prettiest, and I’m pretty excited to keep experimenting with different kinds of flowers and different kinds of arrangements. This was my first attempt with a small bouquet from a local supermarket, but I thought it ended up pretty great using so few florals, so I look forward to moving on with what I do. I even bought a cheap book on flower arranging, just to do a little more research. I’ll keep posting my progress as I go on.

Fresh Flowers 2

Fresh Flowers 3

Fresh Flowers 4

Fresh Flowers 5

Photo Credit: Lucy

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