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We haven’t got as far as choosing what we want as our wedding favours just yet, however, I have always been drawn to little gifts of the food variety. Although I love the idea of giving away potted succulents, or something equally cute and thoughtful, these kinds of things have a tendency to be left behind or thrown away, and that’s just money down the drain. I know you get fed a lot at weddings, but I figure there’s never really an occasion where people aren’t willing to eat just that little bit more, especially if it’s home made and neatly packaged, so I suppose I’m leaning towards something edible for when the time comes to make a decision. Whether or not I’ll take on the project myself, however, is a different story, and I think it’ll depend on what’s going on with everything else before I decide either way, but until then here are a few pin-worthy edible favours that have caught my eye.

Food Wedding Favours

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