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Five Things for This Week


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1. This past weekend was a good one – we did some shopping, eating and blogging – all great things to enjoy together, so it goes down as a success in my book. Sunday was Mother’s Day, so we got to spend time as a family, but Hana also had her first wedding dress fitting, so a bunch of us got to go with her and marvel at all the pretty! It’s times like these I’m most grateful for, to have this family of mine so close together.

2. We’re starting to work together again this week. I’m back to my best working ability after an extended amount of time off and so I decided to leave my old job and return to a 9-5 with Hana. I’m looking forward to having time with her every day, but also getting stuck into a job I know and find comfortable. Hopefully we won’t get tired of each other any time soon!

3. I’m preparing for a trip to Dublin this weekend, so I’m pretty excited about that. It’s a trip which combines celebrating my husband’s 30th birthday with going to see the Country2Country music festival going on there, so it should be a fun one of eating, drinking, enjoying good music and seeing the sights. I hope to get a video filmed while there, so keep a lookout for that one!

4. Hana is also counting down to the weekend already, with a girls night planned and a family meal on the cards – we’re both going to be super busy, but that just means more fun to fit in over our two days off! Keep up with us over on Instagram @lucywilb, @hanawilb and @creativewishnet.

5. I’m hoping to catch up on my favourite shows – I’ve gotten into Fuller House and I’m catching back up with Pretty Little Liars, so I hope to be on Netflix a few evenings this week being entertained. There’s still a bunch of films and TV shows on my watch list I haven’t got to yet, so maybe I’ll give some other things a viewing too.

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