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Five for Friday: February 27th


Just a little stop before the weekend gets here and we’re all in chilled out mode! I’m bringing five posts I’ve loved over the past couple of weeks to share with you, just to give you some craft, food and interior inspiration to take you into the next couple of days. We’re celebrating our sister’s birthday this weekend with some family bowling, as well as fitting in some relaxing time, so I’m excited already. Have a great weekend guys.

Five for Friday: Feb 26th 1

Five for Friday: Feb 26th 2

Five for Friday: Feb 26th 3

Five for Friday: Feb 26th 4

Five for Friday: Feb 26th 5

1. DIY Faux Speckled Candles [Almost Makes Perfect]

2. 5 Tips for Archiving Your Digital Memories [Oh Joy!]

3. Best Tools for an At-Home Manicure [Camille Styles]

4. Easy Double Chocolate Pudding Cookies [Freutcake]

5. Home Office for Two Refresh [Earnest Home Co.]

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