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Every time I think I’ve enjoyed my favourite season, the next one comes along to remind me how much I adore those next few months. But autumn really is one of the best, as Halloween and Christmas approach, and everything turns a lovely, orangey hue. Things tend to get a little cosier too, with an excuse for hot drinks and extra layers of clothing creeping in. Here are a few of my recommendations of things to do in the next couple of months, before Winter kicks in and we’re thinking about the holidays!

Go apple or pumpkin picking

I love filling our home with pumpkins, it’s one of my favourite things about October, especially in preparation for Halloween. I tend to enjoy a mix of undecorated squash, as well as some that are painted or decorated in some way, just to combine the festive and the fun. You can find a bunch of places that offer pumpkin or apple picking at this time of year, so do a bit of research around where you live to find somewhere appropriate. There’s nothing better than bringing the outdoors in when the seasons change, so fill your home with all the best that autumn has to offer.

Sit in a coffee shop with a book

It’s pumpkin spice latte season, so make yourself comfortable on a coffee shop sofa when you have a free moment and sip something tasty while getting lost in a good book. There is very little I enjoy more than making myself at home within the warm confines of a coffee scented cafe of an afternoon, whether it be alone or with loved ones. And there are always so many reads on my wish list to get stuck into, so I will most definitely be taking my own advice over the coming weeks and heading¬†to Starbucks with a full library in hand.

Light candles

I find it hard to justify lighting my best candles when the weather is warm and the evenings are bright, so I love it when the nights start drawing in and you get to close the curtains a little earlier. I like to stock up on autumn scents right now and fill the house with notes of cinnamon, apple and a multitude of other spices to welcome guests and to spend a few hours on the sofa in front of a good film or new TV show.

TV time

Talking of new TV shows, this is the absolute best time to get stuck into some quality¬†drama and pick your new favourites to start the next year of your life in TV land. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks starting to watch some pilots to see which shows are going to be a regular watch for me, and so far I’ve been pulled in by the likes of This Is Us and Designated Survivor and I’m hoping to give The Good Place, Westworld and Luke Cage a go soon. So you won’t blame me if I spent some of my evenings or weekends glued to my sofa getting into some seriously good TV and may I suggest you do the same.

Walk in the sunshine

If you’re lucky enough to still be enjoying some sunshine right now, get outside and enjoy it! You may need to put on an extra layer or walk for a little longer to warm up, but it’s so worth it. I tend to have a breakfast or coffee stop planned for the end of my journey, just to keep me a little more motivated to keep going, but there’s little better on a crisp autumn day than to go for a long walk with someone you love. I love it when my husband and I can get out and about, it gives us the perfect opportunity to talk without the distractions of technology and we have such a great time together. Plus, it’s always fun to walk a route you’ve never tried before, you may find something new and fun to photograph or you might come across a coffee shop you never knew existed – you always have Google Maps to get you back on track if you get lost.

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