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Everyone finds there own way to work out that works best for them. Some people take to the streets to run, some only workout in the gym, and some prefer the social aspect of specific classes to keep them motivated to work out. I’m a mixture of the first two, mostly walking or jogging during good weather days and keeping to the gym when it’s not so great out. Since the New Year, however, the boy and I have been working out at home, coming up with useful workouts for ourselves that make use of the weights we bought a while back. I’ve also bought a couple of DVDs recently, pictured above, which I hope to start using over the next week or so to see if they fit well into my workout schedule. I’ve had a couple of DVDs over the years, mostly in my teenage years, to help with keeping fit and I got on really well with them back then, so I’m hoping these are the same. Sometimes it feels like such a hassle or time commitment to get to the gym, so I’m looking forward to stepping up our at-home routines, and seeing if these DVD routines work as well as similar things did for me 10 years ago! I’ll do a more in-depth look into how I’m getting fit in 2015 in an upcoming post, so stay tuned.

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